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CERT Photo Album 
Photographers: Mel Waxman and Dr. Gary Stone

Advanced First Aid Lecture
Hosted by: The Polo Club
Franklin Benson & Howard Hatoff
(Team Leaders)

Instructors: Frances Kiperman, Audrey Libros, June Levine Connors and Mary Anne Oblaczynski

Addison Reserve CERT Team

Addison Reserve CERT Team
From left to right:
Mel Waxman, Dr. Gary Stone, Jim Goldfein
Mervin Baranick, Phil Ettinger, Dr. Roy Bresky,
Sam Spiegel, Nannette Fisher

               CERT Signin

                                               CERT Sign-in

                       Sign In

                                                 CERT Sign-in

                       Phil Ettinger



                                       Our Fabulous Instructors


                                            Treatment of Wounds

                       Treatment of Wounds

                                            Treatment of Wounds

           Applying a Splint    Splinting

                          Stopping Blood Loss From a Wound

                                  Blood Loss

                       Loss of One Pint of Blood Can Cause Death

          Instructor       Splinting

                Splinting Instructor         Splinting an Arm Fracture

Splinting  Splinting

                                     Splinting a Leg Fracture




                                                                  Shock Instructor

                    Shock Treatment

                                         Treatment of Shock



                       Our Chefs

                                             Our Intrepid Chefs

                A victim



                                       Our Feast

                    Polo Club CERT Team    

                                         Polo Club CERT Team