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Beginner First Aid

Question Number 1Question Image 

What gas, which enters through the lungs, is essential to keeping the brain alive.

  1. nitrogen
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. oxygen
  4. steam

Question Number 2Question Image 

An asthma sufferer has forgotten their inhaler, but someone else has one the same colour, should the patient use the other persons inhaler?

  1. yes
  2. no

Question Number 3Question Image 

When performing CPR (after an ambulance has been called) when should you stop?

  1. When the lips go blue - Cyanosis
  2. After 10 cycles
  3. After 15 minutes
  4. Only when assistance has arrived


Question Number 4 

What simple check can be used toQuestion Image
determine the heart rate in a casualty? Check the _____.

  • ____________


Question Number 5 

What is the missing step in the life-saving priorities?

  • Early help Question Image
  • Early ___
  • Early defibrillation
  • Early advanced care
[Also known as the chain of survival]
  • ____________

Question Number 6Question Image 

How does an AED attempt to save a life? By:

  1. restarting breathing
  2. restarting the heart
  3. stopping bleading

Question Number 7Question Image 

Which of the following should be used to break contact between the casualty and electrical supply when it's not possible to turn off the electricity.

  1. Metal
  2. Wood

Question Number 8Question Image 

What does the B stand for in the ABC check?


  1. Bleeding
  2. Breathing
  3. Breaks (Fractures)
  4. Bones

Question Number 9Question Image 

Which of the following is a recognition feature of a faint?

  1. A fast pulse
  2. A slow pulse

Question Number 10Question Image 

Which of the following is the treatment for a nosebleed?

  1. Tilt head forward
  2. Tilt head backward


Quiz Answers

Question Number 1


Question Number 2

No. They should only use an inhaler that was prescribed for them.

Question Number 3

Only when assistance has arrived and taken over. Unless you are physically unable to continue any more or the casualty starts to breath normally.

Question Number 4


Question Number 5


Question Number 6

By restarting the heart. The AED delivers a shock to stop an abnormal rhythm which can result in the heart returning to a correct rhythm.

Question Number 7


Question Number 8

Breathing. This is the ABC check listing the priorities when treating any casualty.

Question Number 9

A slow pulse

Question Number 10

Tilt head forward